Take Back Control Of Your Privacy With The Scout Hidden Camera Detector

Get your Scout Detector to find suspected hidden cameras in your hotel rooms, AirBnBs, dorm rooms, and more.

"It's Like Your Own Personal Security Team In Your Pocket"

How many times have you traveled in the past 12 months?

How many AirBnB's or hotel rooms have you been in? If you're a bit like me, it turns out that it's quite a few! 10, 15, 20, or more over the past year.

I'm Allen Walton, the founder of SpyGuy.com and a frequent traveler.

It's supposed to be about seeing new sights, good times, and getting work done, isn't it?

We're not supposed to being worrying about someone hiding a camera in a clock, in a smoke detector, or behind some books, but it's happening more and more often.

Sometimes these people even put them in private areas like bathrooms and bedrooms - it's invasive, compromising, and scary..

After I had learned about this problem and started looking for a solution that I could use and recommend to friends and family, I realized that others were becoming aware of what a real issue hidden cameras were becoming:

"AirBnB Has A Hidden-Camera Problem" - The Atlantic

"Cameras have been found in fake smoke detectors over a bed. In another case, an AirBnB guest allegedly placed a camera inside his host's bathroom disguised as a cellphone charger" - NBC

"In South Korea last month, arrests were made after police said more than 1,600 people had been secretly filmed in motel rooms" - CNN

Can you imagine how you'd feel if images or videos of you in a supposedly private area were shared online?

I know how I'd feel and I'd rather avoid it all in the first place!

I want to take back control of my privacy and can help you do the same.

How can we do this?

Protect Yourself With The Best Hidden Camera Detector Available
The Brand New Scout Detector


In less than one minute you can be sure that there are no hidden cameras in your AirBnB, hotel, dorm room, or anywhere you suspect a hidden camera may exist.


Look through the Scout Detector, turn it on, look for the tell-tale return signal. That's it - simple to operate, reliable, and super-lightweight.


No complicated dials, antennas, or knobs to adjust or fiddle with. The Scout Detector was engineered to be fast, simple, and easy to use.

"The Scout Detector Is The Best Thing Ever"

- Adam Moody

See The Scout Detector In Action:

Why Does The Scout Make Sense For You?

Peace Of Mind

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Simple. Easy. Powerful.

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Unmatched Guarantee

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Is Your Privacy & Security While Traveling Important?

Let the Scout Hidden Camera Detector keep you safe while traveling

Get Your Own Scout Hidden Camera Detector + Pinhole Test Camera + Quick Start Guide

Day or Night... The Scout Detector Has You Covered

Available only from SpyGuy.com

SpyGuy Customer Reviews

Worth It!

Awesome buying experience. I am very pleased with the product - Anonymous

Peace Of Mind

Used it to sweep over the house we rented and I found nothing but a router. Grateful and will use it whenever we go overnight anwhere! - Deborah

Customer Service

These guys have great customer service, I had an issue with a product I ordered and they shipped me out a new right away. - Anonymous

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it really work?

The Scout Detector bounces light off the camera lens. Most cameras also have an infrared filter - which will bounce even more light back.

How long will the batteries last?

A very long time. With regular use the batteries will last over a year.

What is the warranty on this item?

The Scout Detector comes with a one year warranty. If anything goes wrong, get in touch with us at SpyGuy.com/Scout.

What's in the box?

• The Scout Hidden Camera Detector

• 2x AAA batteries

• Pinhole lens for practice

• Instructions

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