SilverCloud Tag Real-Time GPS Tracker

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  • See everywhere they’re going from your iPhone/Android
  • Extremely small design, ( 2.7 x 1.5 x 1 inches )
  • Perfect for hiding inside a bag or other item

  • 10 second tracking updates - watch it move in real time
  • See current and past car activity
  • Over 10 days of tracking on a single charge

  • GPS So Tiny, It Fits In The Palm Of Your Hand

    Are you looking for the smallest GPS tracker available? Does that tracker need to go on a car or inside a bag, and you’re worried that it could be found? Do you really need it to be easy to use, because you’re new to this?

    The SilverCloud Tag is the tracker you’re looking for if you can answer yes to the questions above. It’s super small, lightweight, and easy to use as long as you have an iPhone/Android or computer. You can even get text message updates so you’re instantly notified when something’s up.

    Sound like what you’re looking for? Let’s keep going.

    Where To Put It

    It’s very straightforward - the tracker goes on the car. You have several different options for where to put it. Good places inside the car include the glove box, center console, back pockets, & under a passenger seat. A trunk is also okay if you have a crossover, van or SUV.

    To keep it on the outside of the car, you’ll need to get this magnetic case. It’s weatherproof, which means you don’t have to worry about water damage. It also has a strong magnet on it, letting you put it underneath the car, like in the bumpers or wheel well. There’s steel in both for the magnet to securely attach to.

    Seeing Where It Is

    The first thing you’ll do when activating your tracker is setup a new GPS account. Once that’s done, you can log in through our iPhone/Android app, or you can log in through our website.

    If it looks exactly like the Google Maps you know and love, that’s because it is. Once you log in, the map focuses the car to see exactly where it is. You’ll get the current address, when the car last moved, & how much battery life’s left.

    Every 10 seconds, you’ll see the car icon update with its new place on the map. If you want to see where the car’s been, just pick a date, then a time, and hit play. You’ll see the car move around on the map and leave a trail of breadcrumbs so you know exactly where it was, not mention how long it was there.

    Want to get notified if the car gets turned on, or if it leaves/enters a certain neighborhood? You can setup text or email notifications and you’ll instantly know if the car is on the move.

  • What's In The Box:

    • SilverCloud Tag Real-Time GPS Tracker
    • Wall charger
    • Instruction manual

  • Data Plan Info:

    All real-time trackers like the Tag need a data plan to work - it needs to be able to connect to the Internet and share all the info it’s collecting.

    Our data plan is $39.99/month, and there’s no contract. It’s month-to-month, unlike most companies that want to sign you up for 6-12 months contracts, even though you might not need it that long. Cancel it anytime to want, and activate it again when needed.

  • Expert Advice

    Everyone loves how small the Tag is - it’s no taller than a USB flash drive. If you want to track something else, like a bag or suitcase, the Tag is so small it’ll go unnoticed.

    The only drawback to it’s size is that the battery life isn’t as good as our other portable trackers, but it still works in the same way. If you need a longer battery life than 2 weeks, check out the Outlander tracker and extended battery - it can last up to 3 months before needing a charge.

    - SpyGuy

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Jeannie S

SilverCloud Tag Real-Time GPS Tracker

Not as accurate as I had hoped. Sometimes a 20 minute lag between recorded location to the actual location. But that may be our area where cell phone service is iffy.

Jaime M

SilverCloud Tag Real-Time GPS Tracker

Great phone support helping me figure out why it didn't work at first. Now we're humming along just fine!

Marleen F

SilverCloud Tag Real-Time GPS Tracker

i had issues with my silver cloud tag and needed to send in to get fixed but not disappointed at this time

Derek W

SilverCloud Tag Real-Time GPS Tracker


Mercedes M

SilverCloud Tag Real-Time GPS Tracker

Excellent tracking device..

Kristin V

SilverCloud Tag Real-Time GPS Tracker

Finally! I can see with my own two eyes and I'm not blinded by the lies anymore!! Thank you spy guy! Love my silver cloud gps!! If you have any doubt this will show you what you need to see. Easy to use and watch from my cell love it!

Leah A

SilverCloud Tag Real-Time GPS Tracker

A good tracker for the money. Last 3 or 4 days on a charge.


SilverCloud Tag Real-Time GPS Tracker

Very good


SilverCloud Tag Real-Time GPS Tracker

So far it is very good.


SilverCloud Tag Real-Time GPS Tracker

So far this is working well. I am actually using it to determine what is causing the delay in package shipping for my work. I am still learning how to pull the data and if the package is missent, then the battery runs out before I get it back, but so far I have been able to get data that will help I believe.

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