Tracking Key Pro GPS Logger

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  • See the past movement history of a car
  • Built-in magnet makes it easy to stick under a car
  • Updates its location every second

  • Compact size fits in your palm
  • Up to 1 month of battery life
  • Viewable on Windows or Mac computers

  • The Low-Cost Method To Track A Car

    If you want to see where a car has been lately, you’ll be more than happy with a passive tracker like the Tracking Key Pro. The only purpose of this tracker is to see the history of a vehicle, and all you need to do it stick it on a car.

    The tracker can last up to 1 month inside/under a car before the batteries need to recharged, which is more than enough time to get the information you need. Every second that goes by, it saves the current time and address.

    To see where it’s been, just plug it into your computer. All the car history is opened inside Google Earth/Maps, making it incredibly easy for you to see what’s happening. The product can work with Windows 7 and 8, but not on a Mac.

    Where To Put It

    The Tracking Key Pro GPS Logger has a magnet built into the case, letting you attach it underneath the front or back bumper. Usually you can just slid your hand underneath the bumper and the magnet ‘catches’ the steel bar inside.

    The second option is to put it in the wheel well. This can be a little bit risky, but we’ve seen work many times without problem. You can always put it inside the car, too. The most common places are the glove box, center console, under a seat or floor mat, and in a seat pocket.

    Look Where It’s Been

    When you’ve collected enough travel history, it’s time to see where the car’s been. Plug the Tracking Key Pro into your computer and install open the software that’s on the included CD.

    The program looks over the GPS data, and then shows you a detailed map history of everywhere the car was. You’ll see a big Google Map, which you can also make 3D, and over on the left size it gives you all the addresses that car was at.

    Pick a day on the calendar, hit ‘play’, and watch as you see the car move across the map, leaving a purple trail along the path it takes. Every address listed details when the car got there, how long it stayed, and when it left again.

    Battery Life

    Like our other GPS trackers, this unit is motion activated, meaning it only uses battery life when the car is moving. If your target car driving for about 2 hours/day, you’ll be able to go up to 1 month without needing to replace the 2xAA batteries.

    You can get even battery life by having it update less frequently. So, instead of having it track every 2 seconds, you could have it track every 2-5 minutes and greatly extend your battery life.

  • What's In The Box:

    • Tracking Key Pro GPS Logger
    • Instruction manual

  • Expert Advice

    A passive tracker like the Tracking Key Pro is all you need if you only want to see where the car has been. It’s an excellent product, and the only one we carry because we simply don’t like any of the other passive trackers on the market.

    If you need to see where a car currently is, and get text updates, you should take a look at our Outlander tracker.

    And for you Breaking Bad fans - this is the same tracker Walt used on Gus!

    - SpyGuy

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Frank L

Tracking Key Pro GPS Logger

Unit arrived on time and appears to work very well. The GPS interface is excellent. Tracks very accurately.

Hans J

Tracking Key Pro GPS Logger

Recived in mail in about 3 Days was easy to understand and install


Tracking Key GPS Logger


William F

Tracking Key Pro GPS Logger

Have had for only one week. Seems to work as advertised.

Bradley B

Tracking Key Pro GPS Logger

Works exactly as advertised!!!!

Wilmer A

Tracking Key Pro GPS Logger

It's ok. You have to sit there watch the route and the clock. Not a big deal just inconvenient. I got this device for the battery life compared to the others.

Anthony V

Tracking Key Pro GPS Logger

Great device, would recommend to family and friends.

Tom M

Tracking Key Pro GPS Logger

Great product and worked just as described - easy to use and easy to gather & filter data. Would recommend buying the upgrade at activation for $35 which will hold all data for year - only get to store 15 days worth of you don't upgrade.

Thomas S

Tracking Key Pro GPS Logger

Seems to work pretty well, so far I'm satisfied with what they stated it would do.

Guy K

Tracking Key Pro GPS Logger


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