How to Use a Spy Voice Recorder

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We’re sure you’ve seen one of these in the James Bond movies or elsewhere in pop culture, but what you might be oblivious to is that they actually have a pretty widespread utilization in real life as well. 

Or perhaps you’ve already put your mind towards a purpose for these nifty little gadgets and would like to know how they actually function. Well, we’ve got a little something for you as well, since in this article, apart from discussing the purpose of a spy voice recorder and recommending great products, we’ll also delve into how these concealed recorders work and note some legal issues you should be aware of. 

What Is a Spy Voice Recorder Used For?

A spy voice recorder comes in very useful when you need to discreetly record any conversation either at a moment’s notice or planned in advance. These devices are designed to be extremely unassuming and practical, usually disguised as a variety of everyday objects. 

Of course, you could always use the voice recorder app on your smartphone, but neither the sound quality nor the practicality of such a solution comes near to a specialized device. What’s more, sometimes you wouldn’t want the other person to realize that they’re being recorded, and that’s precisely what spy voice recorders excel at.

There are many products in our audio surveillance collection, ranging from the unnoticeable 16-hour thin voice-activated spy recorder pen to the sleek pocket keychain audio recorder, and all of them can be ideal for one situation or the other, having different specifics and controls.

Expose Lying Colleagues

Let’s say that you find yourself in a professional environment where a colleague keeps going back and forth about a certain argument, changing their standpoint as the wind blows and you’ve had enough. 

Simply put a spy voice recorder in action and the next time they renege, simply call them out. You’d have their exact words in mind due to having recorded proof of what they said exactly. Plus, everyone in the office will think that you have the memory skills of a superhero!

Tape Meetings

Or perhaps you’ll find yourself in a meeting with your attorney and simply can’t remember or understand all the legalese being thrown at you at that particular moment. The purpose of such situations, in most cases, is to transfer extremely precise information about a certain issue, and what better way to dot your I’s and cross your T’s than having the exact words of a professional on-demand, to be listened to at your discretion?

Record Lectures

Spy voice recorders are very handy when it comes to student use as well. Initially, we were surprised when we had college students coming in looking for such recorders (not that we snoop around our customers’ business, privacy and discretion are our number one priorities), but it turns out that our devices are very good at recording college lessons too! 

The lecturer wouldn’t be too happy if they found out that you’re taking notes in an unconventional manner, so you might as well jump on the bandwagon and be stealthy when doing so. Nothing helps retention like the possibility to have audio lessons whenever you want.

These are only some of the uses of a spy voice recorder, so don’t let these examples constrain your imagination. We’re sure you can find an even better use for a device that allows you absolutely discreet voice recording. You could always check out our store if you’re lacking ideas, or take a look at this outside-of-the-box solution to a neighborly problem.

How Do Spy Voice Recorders Work

As we already mentioned, spy voice recorders vary in their specifics as much as they differ in “looks”. But, when it comes down to how they operate, it’s not that complicated (making them is a whole different story, though).

They’re usually divided into two groups - voice-activated and continuous recorders. Due to the efficiency of voice activation, we’ve included it in almost all of our devices (some do have the feature to record continuously as well if that’s what you’re after). 

Voice-activated spy recorders are just that much better; they save you the hassle of skipping long periods of silence when going through a recording, they save battery, and they save memory.

Packed with a concealed microphone, a voice-activated spy recorder simply starts recording whenever sound is detected. If there’s someone speaking, it immediately terminates its standby mode and it tapes what’s being said.

Our products can record sound from up to 50 ft away and their battery life spans from 8 hours to 24 hours. One exception is the brand new power bank voice activated recorder, which has the battery to support up to 14 days of continuous recording, while it can remain in standby mode, without charging, for up to a whopping 150 days.

Regarding memory, voice-activated spy recorders can store anywhere from 71 hours to 576 hours of audio material, depending on the device, before needing to delete old recordings. 

Almost all of our voice-activated spy recorders can be connected to any computer via the provided USB cable or interface (in cases where the actual recorder is a USB flash drive) for recharging and listening at your own discretion. You won’t need any additional software. 

We also offer a phone call recorder earbud that you can pair with any of the other voice recorders. The earbud records both sides of the conversation.

Legal Issues You Should Be Aware Of

A large number of states have certain prohibitions and laws regarding audio recording and deem consent as a crucial factor when judging the legality of a recording act.

As such, audio recording laws are defined under one-party or two-party consent.

One-party consent means that one of the people being recorded are aware of the action happening and have given their consent.

Two-party consent means that the parties involved in the recording action are aware of it happening and have given their consent.

Therefore, different states regard audio recording in a different light and you shouldn’t forego checking your state’s laws on this matter

For example, the state of California has a two-party consent requirement in their laws on audio recording, stating that: “It is a crime to record or eavesdrop on any confidential communication, including a private conversation or telephone call, without the consent of all parties to the conversation.”

On the other hand, Arizona has a one-party consent law. Under this statute, they state that it is illegal to intercept a "wire or electronic communication" or a "conversation or discussion" unless: “you are a party to the communication, present during the conversation or discussion, or one party to the communication or conversation consents.”

You should also consult the federal laws.

To summarize, it’s generally legal to use a spy voice recorder in line with the state laws regarding consent, unless such a recording is to be obtained for the purpose of: “...committing any criminal or tortious act in violation of the Constitution or laws of the United States or of any State.”

If you have any more questions regarding legal issues, visit our guide on this matter.

Don’t Go Yet

Investing in a quality spy voice recorder can resolve many issues and help you out with a number of tasks, whether you’re a student or a professional. Now that you know the general application and the inner workings of these devices, along with the legal conundrums, we hope that you’re equipped with the knowledge to best make use of your spy voice recorder or make an informed purchase.

Since we make it a point to be absolutely discreet when you’re purchasing from us, yet staying transparent with you as a customer, we make our general ordering and shipping information available before you even decide to buy any product.

Should you have any more questions regarding audio surveillance or our voice recording collection, don’t hesitate to contact us directly; we typically answer any and all emails within a couple of hours or within one business day at the latest.

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