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With the latest trends on spy cameras with audio recording becoming more focused on size and recording quality, the spy market has gone through a lot of saturization.

Many people with different backgrounds, professions, and lifestyles, have used spy cameras before or are willing to purchase one now that they’re so available. There are all kinds of people who benefit from spy equipment and surveillance systems, so let’s see what spy cameras with audio are being used for.

Why Spy Cameras With Audio?

There are many reasons why spy cameras with audio are in high demand this year. Some are:

  • Stopping workplace harassment;
  • Secret shopping and quality control;
  • Confronting bullies;
  • Catching cheating spouses;
  • Law enforcement encounters, etc.

Spy cameras with audio are used when simple video evidence is not enough. Presenting further evidence of an illegal act that comes with audio samples of conversations or events is just a harder proof. That’s why people prefer spy cameras with an audio recording feature over those that record video only.

However, there are still laws about small spy cameras with audio that forbid their use. Then there’s consent laws and breach of privacy laws and one must be well informed of their state’s laws regarding spy equipment.

Please read this guide for more on the legal issues about spy cameras with audio.

The Benefits of Small Spy Cameras With Audio Recording Features

The hottest new spy cams are undoubtedly the smaller ones, due to the simple fact that most of these small spy cameras rely solely on covert action and the need to remain as unseen as possible.

The reason why the mini spy cameras with audio are so efficient in their job is because they are hard to detect, and they offer audio proof of anything you might record. What’s more, you’ll be able to record any conversation you might run into, and also record video while you’re at it.

If you are looking for a more static approach or want to install hidden surveillance cameras, you could go for a more straightforward approach and purchase a wireless hidden camera. These cameras offer one more security layer and you can monitor the premises in real-time, from your PC/laptop or smartphone.

There are many high quality spy cameras with audio that are regarded as best in their spy equipment field, as their features are truly remarkable when it comes to monitoring and recording.

Our Best Wearable Wireless Spy Cameras With Audio Recording

In this article, we’ll talk about the newest and most sought after spy cameras that we offer at SpyGuy. It’s a good chance you’re browsing the features of wireless spy cameras with audio and can’t figure out which spy camera will do the job.

The main criteria of small wireless spy cameras with audio is audio/video quality, ease of use, recording range, and size. Our cams’ most essential feature is their covert design made for undercover monitoring and their small stature which guarantees efficiency and discretion.

Other factors you should consider are mobility and whether or not they can be attached (to backpacks, clothes, etc.) or they are hand-held. It’s up to you to decide which ones you’re going to use.

So, let’s narrow down your options, and take a deep dive into their most common features, uses, and audio recording capabilities.

The Spy Pen

The Spy Pen is a classic twist to the James Bond spy equipment. It’s a simple pen with a camera and video recorder attached to it. No one will notice anything.

It’s very simple to use and it has the ability to record anything you’re facing. It can be easily attached to your clothing and you can just turn it on and monitor anything in front of you.

There’s lots of spin-offs of the spy pen, but most of them are low quality and fall apart easily. They may cost you more than they offer.

Our SpyGuy Spy Pen is a very straightforward device that allows you to record for one hour. It also works as a pen.

Mostly used during lectures and meetings, this is a very interesting device that allows you to take notes and record at the same time, or you can just follow the lecture or interview and let the pen do the job for you. It can be used for law enforcement encounters as well. To see your videos and photos just connect the device to your PC or Mac.

Now, onto the hand-held wireless spy cameras - the Keychain.

The Keychain

The Keychain is a very flexible and interesting piece of spy camera with audio recording features. What separates this from the other wireless spy cameras with audio is that it has its very own night-vision recording feature. It’s a spy camera with audio and night vision which most people will find useful.

It’s affordable and highly effective, and offers mobility and options for experimenting while you record. You can either place it anywhere and let it do its job, or you can carry it and point where you want to record.

It has a half battery life duration, metal casing for extra durability, 12MP photo snap feature, 1080p video, and sound recording, and the videos are date/time stamped.

Most importantly, the short-range night vision can be very useful when you’re out at night. This feature will most definitely prove very useful in lots of situations, especially when there’s low light.

The Keychain is compatible with up to 64 gigs of memory.

Consider the night-vision feature as a very important criteria when you’re looking for a wireless spy camera with audio, because you’ll never know when you’ll need it. 

The Spy Watch Covert Camera

Here’s another spy classic - the Spy Watch.

It’s built to be used up close, and its durability and efficiency is unmatched.

Popular with police departments, business owners, and students, the spy watch is regarded as one of our most flexible and efficient devices in our arsenal of spy equipment.

The crisp resolution, comfort, and recording duration is enough for anyone to get the job done. It’s a stylish twist for those of you who prefer looking sharp and still go undercover for surveillance missions.

The Spy Watch offers a very straightforward use, as the camera is located on the number six on the dot of the Spy Watch. You can simply rest your head on your hand and point where you want to record. Nobody will suspect you tampering with your watch, while you’re turning on the device. Try practicing to master this clandestine technique.

The Spy Watch records in HD for up to two hours, and you can connect it to your PC to view the recorded videos.

It’s also water-resistant up to 100 feet below the surface, which makes it perfect for athletes and swimmers.

The USB Flash Drive and iPhone Case

The USB and the iPhone case are more of a static camera rather than wearable, but nevertheless they offer audio+video recording and can be used in a plethora of ways.

The USB Flash Drive Spy Camera can go up to 2 hours of recording, and it’s built to be left on the desk. Simply place it anywhere, point where you want to record, turn the device on, and there you go. You can plug it into your PC for external battery life. This little trick will come in handy when you want to record for longer hours.

The SpyGuy iPhone Case Hidden Camera is also built to be left alone, especially in offices or the classroom. It has a built-in 16GB memory, a HD 1080p video, and most importantly, a motion-capture feature.

The motion-capture feature allows the camera to only record when it detects motion, which is able to save space for recording videos.

Store clerks, teachers, and employees can use this device with maximum efficiency, and it can also be tucked away in a shirt pocket. If you’re a receptionist, or your job requires you to be stationary on a desk, it’s a perfect spy camera that grants you protection and evidence when a crime occurs.

You’re free to browse our other spying devices as they come in various shapes and sizes, and offer all kinds of features that one might find useful.

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