Types of Cell Phone Spy Equipment

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Cell phones have become so thoroughly integrated in our daily lives that it has become hard to imagine life without them. Nowadays, it seems like we use smartphones for everything but conducting phone calls; we shop online via cell phones, we use social media, chances are you’re reading this on your phone as well. But, what if all that activity could be somehow intercepted?

We’ve talked about all sorts of spy equipment, so it would only be conventional that there’s cell phone spy equipment out there and we’d be remiss to not mention it. When it comes to spy gear for phones, the actual hardware is lacking, to say in the least, but the software is abundant. 

Please note that it’s not exactly legal to use such software, but it does exist. If you want to find out more about the particular types of cell phone spy equipment, including the little hardware there is that’s available to the general public, you’ve come to the right place.

Actual Spy Phones

Now, don’t let your imagination run too wild with these devices. It’s not like you can shoot down satellites or mind control people, but in the broad sense of the term, spy phones do exist as separate pieces of spy gear. Although, they’re mostly limited to monitoring phone activity since the device in question has to be given to the individual that you’re trying to monitor.

The spy phones’ software is premodified and allows for most of the phone activity to be uploaded to a secure cloud that you would have access to. Let’s say that if you wanted to spy on your child, you could buy them a spy phone disguised as a regular phone and you’d be able to monitor the device’s activity. That’s as far as these things can go legally and the things you can monitor vary depending on how advanced the phone itself is. 

Spy Accessories for Cell Phones

The number one item on our list when we talk about spy gear for phones would probably be the phone call recorder. There’s a lot of these devices out there, with varying quality and builds, and our phone call recorder earbud is definitely one of the more practical and efficient ones on the market. 

It’s basically an earbud that’s also equipped with a mic that records, rather than just provide sound. It’s very simple to use and it doesn’t require you to break the bank to get a very clean recording of a phone conversation.

There are also some devices, similar to ours, that work via Bluetooth, but they’re simply not as reliable. When it comes to cell phone spy equipment, you want simple, dependable, and effective.

Data Recovery for Cell Phones

Another useful piece of supposed spy gear for cell phones is the data recovery stick. They support both Android and iPhone and are largely used to recover all sorts of deleted data on phones, such as text messages, web browsing history, pictures, videos, calendar/planner entries, etc. We already talked about these devices in a separate guide, so head over there, should you want to learn more about them.

Spy Software for Cell Phones

Going back to the aforementioned spy phones, which work based on spy software, we have yet another risky option - spy apps. These serve the purpose of converting any phone into a “spy phone” through installing third-party software on your device. There are all sorts of red flags regarding this monitoring method since many of these applications can contain all sorts of malware and can backfire. Some of them even tamper with the phone’s firmware which can completely ruin the cell phone. Take this course of action only if you have no other choice and strongly consider the other options we mentioned above.

Counter Surveillance and Cell Phone Signal Detectors

By now you’ve probably heard of counter-surveillance devices, such as hidden camera detectors, but there are some devices out there that can detect cell phone spy gear as well. These include units such as jammers and a variety of signal detectors.

For example, if you’re having a confidential conversation over the phone and you’re suspicious that someone might be listening, you could use a jammer that generates white noise and makes it very hard for any mic to pick up on speech.

Other devices, such as the VM-3 detector, can pick up on a very wide range of frequencies, including GSM and CDMA cell phone signals. Even though it’s mainly used to detect GPS trackers, it’s also very good at detecting cell phones, making it very popular in classrooms. Teachers love this device because they can easily catch the usage of cell phones during testing.

How to Avoid Legal Problems

As we mentioned, installing spy apps on someone else’s phone is illegal and it’s important to be aware of the circumstances that dictate the legality of cell phone spy equipment. 

Unless you have full ownership of the phone or the person who has ownership of the phone has expressed consent on such installation and usage, it’s illegal to use spy software on a phone. The only other instance in which you could use spy apps is when using them to monitor your children who are not yet of age or on company-owned phones to monitor your employees. 

But, even then, you should have ample reasons to justify doing this and we strongly advise that you use some of our hardware that’s been proven to work, rather than resorting to software that may maliciously impact a device. You will find more information regarding the legal use of the devices that SpyGuy offers in our detailed guide.

What Else Should I Know About Cell Phone Spy Equipment?

To summarize, there’s a lot of spy gear for phones out there, but not much of it is practical and safe to use within legal boundaries. Always make sure that you’re buying reliable hardware that’s been proven to work in the particular situations that you need it for. Should you have no other recourse, you could use spy software and other related cell phone spy gear, but do so at your discretion.

It’s always a safe bet to purchase from SpyGuy, though. Simply take a look at our collections; there’s surely a device on our online store that will fit your needs. We make a point out of being as discreet as possible and customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Should you have any questions regarding our products, don’t hesitate to contact us. We answer all emails within one business day.

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