Types of Cell Phone Spy Equipment

Types of Cell Phone Spy Equipment

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We can't leave home without our cellphones, but many of us haven't really thought about the types of cell phone spy equipment that are available on the market. 

We depend on our phones for nearly every aspect of our lives, we use them to get around, store and find information, check our emails, check social media, and communicate with friends and family. In fact, we send about 22 billion texts per day. That number jumps to 82 billion when we include Facebook and Whatsapp. 

If you need information about someone - whether you're going through a painful separation, you're worried about your friend or children, or you're experiencing harassment at your workplace and you need to gather evidence, the different types of cell phone spy equipment may be able to help you.

We have to be clear here: eavesdropping on private conversations, even if it's for a good purpose, is morally and legally wrong. Make sure that you know exactly what you're getting into before you install any kind of software or buy types of cell phone spy equipment. 

iPhone and Android Recovery Stick

You may be asking yourself, how can I spy on a cell phone without installing software on the target phone?

There is effective software out there that allows you to monitor cell phones remotely. However, unless the mobile phone belongs to you, your company, or a minor in your care, this is highly illegal and can result in jail time if you are caught. 

The Android and iPhone recovery sticks are a great workaround for this and are not illegal cell phone bugs that can get you in trouble. These devices have software that users install on their personal computer that extracts data from the mobile phone. There is no suspicious new software installed on the phone, and it leaves no trace for the owner to find.

Just install the software and plug the phone into your computer and the popup will show all the contents of the phone that you can access. It even accesses the deleted date that your target tries to hide. How much data can be recovered depends on the users' mobile phone usage and access to their SIM. There is very little technical know-how needed, the software automatically scans the entire phone when you plug it in and displays the menu of data that can be extracted:

  • Saved text messages
  • Saved photos
  • Saved videos
  • Call history
  • Web history
  • Contact list
  • Deleted text messages
  • Deleted photos
  • Deleted web history
  • Deleted call history

Did you know that when you delete an SMS it is not gone for good until it is written over? People often delete data they don’t want to be discovered and think that they can control whether it will never be seen again. Looking in the deleted sections of the mobile phone is a great place to start when looking for suspicious activity and it couldn’t be easier than with these devices. 

Phone Call Recorder Earbud

We have covered how to get data off a phone effectively without detection, now let's look at how to bug a cell phone to listen in. Recording a phone call is often the best way to gather evidence of intimidating, compromising, and legally significant conversations. If you’re anything like us you have put down the phone once or twice and wish you had a record of the call.

Again, some apps do this but they are rife with issues. Some are device-specific, others make a noise to alert the caller that they are being recorded, and others need a degree in computer science to control.

So how can I spy on a cell phone without installing software on the target phone? One great piece of cell phone spy equipment is the Phone Call Recorder Earbud. This bit of spy gear looks like a normal earbud but instead of emitting sound, it receives it and records it to a remote voice recorder. It picks up clearly what you are saying, and because it is actually in your ear, picks up the person on the other end of the line too. 

There’s no school like the old school. Users don't have to remember to engage some software before a phone call or to grant all sorts of permissions. This cell phone bug also works on every app, not just regular phone calls. It handles Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom, and any app at all that uses the phone's microphone to communicate. This is so important in a business setting when having a completely fair account of conversations is crucial and so many different communications platforms are used.

It is perfectly legal to record and monitor mobile phone conversations for your use. Companies often note that “calls may be recorded, for training and verification purposes” but there is no legal requirement for individuals to do so. 

Sometimes all you need a recording for is for your references to check back on forgotten details or instructions. Other times, when it's a more serious matter, having a cell phone bug could save you a lot of trouble. So now you know how to bug a cell phone to listen in, let's move on to…

Hidden Cameras Attached to Cell Phones

It isn’t just the mobile phone itself that can be used for spying. There is plenty of spy gear that can be used to collect information. They range from stationary hidden cameras, like the Wireless Charger Clock Speaker Camera, and the iPhone Charging Dock Hidden camera, to the mobile iPhone Case Hidden Camera, even to the wearable Bluetooth Headset Camera.

All these hidden cameras do more or less the same thing, recording video covertly, but they do so in completely different ways with different functionality. Let's take a closer look at each device.

The iPhone case camera is an advanced portable hidden camera that doubles as an iPhone battery pack and case. You can set it down anywhere and it will begin recording automatically when it senses movement. It records full-HD video so you will have no issue picking out detail in your footage and has an impressive 3-hour battery life when used continuously.

The Bluetooth headset camera is also super portable, it clips onto your ear. It looks and feels just like a normal Bluetooth headset so you would never suspect there's a little camera in there. It also records audio as well as video so it's perfect for recording interactions in your company. Because it is clipped to your ear it is at eye level and points exactly the way you are looking without having to be moved independently. 

Due to its small size, it gives up a little bit of resolution compared to the other cameras in this article but still produces perfectly acceptable footage.

The iPhone Charging Dock Hidden Camera and Wireless Charger Clock Speaker Camera are both advanced, stationary hidden cameras in that they need to be plugged in for them to function. This is great if you want to monitor in one place for an extended period and don't need to carry the camera with you at all times. They will never run out of juice during an important recording.

They both record excellent video to standard SD cards but if you can't wait to review the recordings then don’t worry. They also stream live to your phone, computer or tablet so users can check in whenever they want using their unique code on the website so they can view from a remote location.

Their ubiquitous design means they don’t stand out in a room but they are also functional so they can be moved to various vantage points in a room if one spot isn’t working out.

A final thought on Mobile Phone Tracking

Cell phones are so advanced they have become our great facilitators, we use them for everything and they are everywhere. That's what makes them so useful to us but also what makes them such effective spying devices.

We hope you found this run-down useful. If one of the products caught your eye, why not pop over to our store and see if it's for you? We offer excellent customer service on all our products.

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