What’s Hot in 2020: Trends in the Spy Industry

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Over the years, the spy market has seen a plethora of brilliant innovations and upgrades, all thanks to the recent technological advancements. Spy devices just seem to get smaller and smaller and are now more available than ever before.

It’s no news that more and more U.S. homeowners are purchasing hidden cameras and audio surveillance equipment for their family’s security and safety. The growing popularity of spy devices is owed to the latest technological trends, and more people are annihilating the social stigma of using spying devices to solve their problems.

Whereas the demand for spying equipment has increased, the average price of spy cameras, GPS trackers, and audio surveillance devices, continues to fall.

In this article, we will talk about the trends and newest features in security cameras and audio recording devices, and we will also talk about anti-spy equipment, bug detectors, and GPS trackers. Let’s get started.

Shrinking Spy Cameras and Tiny Lenses

You can almost feel an occurring pattern surrounding the updates of the latest spy gear and equipment - how everything is becoming smaller. Nanotechnology really is the future, apparently.

This is due to the fact that, in order to make sure that our hidden cameras are doing a good job, they must be manufactured to remain as unseen as possible. With that, they can be integrated within everyday objects, so as not to be detected by anyone.

In contrast to the devices of yesteryear, that were much larger and with a lesser resolution, today’s cameras boast HD, and they are quarter the size of your pinkie nail. Truly, we owe a lot to technological advances. Various types of cameras, not just for spying and surveillance, have gone through a lot of trial and error, as well as countless upgrades to tap into their potential for quality recording.

There’s no stopping the shrinkage until the spy camera is standardized with the nanotechnology of the future - meaning the cameras will be able to record brilliant video resolutions and still be smaller than the eye of a needle.

Hidden Security Camera Trends

There have been many modern conveniences in the spy industry that involve hidden cameras as an essential layer of security. Companies usually go for CCTV cameras (closed-circuit TV) as a main layer of security.

It’s estimated that more than 9 million surveillance cameras were purchased and shipped worldwide in 2006. In 2016, that number reached more than 100 million, and in 2018, the market forecast over 130 million shipments of spy cameras and spy equipment. The stats for 2020 are still not calibrated, so who knows what’s in store for us this year.

Over the years, CCTV cameras have been upgraded with the latest quality in resolution, night-vision features, and even thermal optics. The spying industry deals with a saturated market full of talks about ‘big data’ and facial recognition, which is why there has been a plummeting cost of spy equipment like security cameras and audio recording bugs.

Let’s start with hidden cameras first.

CCTV talks aside, these tiny, wireless devices, combined with an inconspicuous design, makes them a force to be reckoned with, when it comes to home security. There has been a growing popularity of nanny cams too. Check our guide here for further reference reading.

Indoor and Outdoor Hidden Cameras

The reason why there’s a growing demand for hidden cameras, disguised as everyday objects, is that they offer an extra layer of security. They come in many different forms and designs, created to blend into every household.

With weatherproof surfaces, greater zoom range, night-vision features, and motion-detection, hidden cameras are on the list of 2020 spy equipment trends.

Not only that, but they are deemed as a brilliant alternative to nanny-cams, so you won’t have to deal with the hassle of searching and choosing a nanny cam for this specific surveillance job. Indoor hidden cameras, as the name suggests, are built for indoor surveillance, and that’s why many would find them very handy, and you don’t have to be tech-savvy to install them. The same goes for outdoor hidden cams, and you can even find some that are disguised as a rock, like our Yard Rock camera that’ll blend into any yard.

We strongly recommend you use indoor and outdoor security cameras that pose as everyday objects as an alternative to the hard-wired CCTV option. They are designed and built to blend into any household you might imagine, and stealth is important if you don’t want anyone to find out there’s a camera on the premises.

When searching for a hidden camera of any type, you should consider the main factors like whether it has motion-activation, solid battery life, recording quality, a weatherproof surface, and continuous recording. Size and design are also important criteria to consider.

Some also like to know whether or not the camera has a night-vision feature.

Wearable Hidden Cameras

The latest trends also see a high popularity with spy watches. Many spy devices are incorporated with newer technologies, and companies seem to have lots of fun manufacturing everyday objects with spy cameras. The wristwatch, specifically, is simply an all out classic.

A hidden camera, within a classy wristwatch. What’s not to like? It offers so much window of opportunity to record your videos anywhere, and the mobility is something many would find useful. Wearing it and pointing it at the direction where you want to record is simple, and anyone can use it.

The reason why smartwatches are a main target for tweaking and design experimenting, it’s because it’s very easy to incorporate audio/video recorders within them. Although the video quality has still not achieved its full potential in wristwatches, 2020 is a promising year for high-quality spy wristwatches, not to mention the possibility for quality voice recording features.

GPS Devices

We need to be aware of the modern technologies of today that are incorporated into the newest GPS tracking devices. They are equipped with every imaginable feature many would find essential. GPS devices are not just for drivers and motorists anymore. Many bikers and professional cyclists like to use them as well, and there are many GPS tracking devices that are small and very handy.

The Outlander is one such device, with the latest trends in technology. It’s an all-purpose, GPS vehicle tracking device that both companies and drivers would want in their arsenal. 

It has all the essential features one would need in a GPS device, so let’s go over them so you know how far this piece of technology has come since it was first invented.

  • Features: It’s one of our more flexible and straightforward devices, perfect for any person or company. Because of its simple monitoring features with no fancy interface buttons, many find it very convenient and useful.
  • Battery: 18 days of battery (the Outlander Battery addon gives 80 days more).
  • Interface: 3D map systems, with a date/time grid and calendar, daily reports up to 90 days of history, and other statistics that provide simple and essential monitoring. You can set up an email notification system as well.
  • Motion-activation: This feature doesn’t use any power when the car is not in motion. If you’re looking for a GPS device, make sure you ask for motion-activation.
  • Data Plan: GPS trackers rely on a cellular network and for that you’ll need a strong data plan. Our GPS data plan is straightforward and with no contract. Please feel free to read the guide for more info.

Bug Detectors

The big stories in 2020 about bug detectors and spy camera detectors include the usual: Airbnb cautionary procedures with RF (radio frequency) detectors, GPS tracking device detectors, and hidden spy camera detectors.

LED-powered camera finders

The simplest method takes the cake. Speaking of which, there are very interesting and simple devices that could help you find hidden cameras if you have doubts about your hotel room, for example. It’s absolutely ingenious how they work.

A high-powered LED that reflects off camera lenses does the job. You simply place it on your eye and point at the walls where you suspect the cameras are hidden. The LEDs will reflect the beam from the lenses and there you have it. These LED-powered hidden camera finders are becoming more and more popular, as they are cost-effective and they have a very simple, straightforward design with ease of use.

Frequency Detectors

If you’re looking for a hot new radio frequency detector that has it all, go for the ones with a solid audio/video frequency range. These hidden camera and wireless microphone detectors are able to find both audio and video spying devices, and though some may be costly, they are jack-of-all-trades devices that get the job done.

All-purpose frequency detectors are perfect for travelers.

They are all-round bug tracking devices that can catch any spy device signal from 50 to 500 feet and even further. If it captures anything, the LEDs will start to flicker, indicating that there’s a spying device nearby.

Stop worrying about hidden camera devices, because they can find it with no problem and in the fastest time frame possible. It just depends on the size of the room. It doesn’t matter if that camera is wired, wireless, or battery operated. Simply turn on the device, and search the room. The frequency detector finds wherever the camera is located at.

Audio Recording Devices: The Spy Pen

There are countless retailers that hype the spy pen. The spy pen relies solely on its inconspicuous design to remain undetected, and it makes you feel like a real private investigator.

They can be used to either record conversations or hidden surveillance footage.

If you’re looking for a device that can record your conversation, please check out our SpyGuy guide for the most efficient use of a hidden recording device.

The year 2020 has been a doozy for audio recording devices. More and more features are getting upgraded as the audio microphone technology has seen a drastic improvement, not to mention an increase in quality standard and cost-effectiveness.

There are many audio recording devices with brilliant quality and microphone range that are very cost-effective with a very convenient, low price.

The SpyGuy Pen, for example, is one of our more popular and nifty audio recording devices. Keep in mind what you need and always consider these features, if you want to choose the best spy pen:

  • Voice-activated sound recording
  • Clear audio with noise-reduction
  • Lengthy battery life (depends on what you want)
  • Doesn’t make noise when it records or shuts off 
  • Can pick up sounds 45 feet away

What to Expect This Year From the Spy Equipment Market

The technological ‘boom’ has propelled the spy market to new heights. Today, spy equipment like small hidden cameras, drone surveillance, and data manipulation software, are skyrocketing and becoming more and more popular.

We should expect the facial recognition software to slowly creep in and get cozy with civilian CCTV and hidden cameras, and there will be a steady drop in prices as well. Smaller cameras with high-quality resolutions are the new and hottest thing now, as well as drones, that may be used for more than just photography and video recording.

The drone surveillance market will continue to grow alongside with the facial recognition technology. That being said, there ought to be (and probably will be) more legal amendments to come alongside with it.

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