Smoke Detector Hidden Camera

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  • A tiny spy camera inside an everyday smoke detector
  • Use velcro to mount it on the corner of a ceiling
  • Records clear video at a 1280x720 resolution

  • Only records when motion takes place
  • Up to 30 days of battery life
  • View the saved footage using your PC
  • Night-vision can see 25 ft in total darkness

  • Eyes For When You Aren't There

    Do you need to know what’s happening when you aren’t around? Are you feeling like someone isn’t being entirely truthful? Would video evidence solve the problems that you can’t get an answer to?

    Hidden cameras get concrete proof of what’s going on when you can’t be there. They’re also easier to use and more affordable than ever before - you only need to set the camera where you want it.

    If you think or already know that something’s already taking place, you need to do something about it now rather than later. If your suspicions are correct, the problem is likely costing you money, your property, and your safety.

    Plug & Play Operation - No Experience Necessary

    Our spy cameras work like any regular camera - the only difference is that we hide it inside a working object. The smoke detector camera records clear, motion-activated video and can sense movement at any distance. When it does detect motion, it starts recording a new video.

    All videos are date & time stamped so you know exactly when they happened. When the movement stops, the video is saved to a memory card - this is a standard SD card used by all digital cameras. If the camera records 4 hours of video per day, you can get up to 5 days worth of video on a 32GB SD card.

    This model has a rechargeable battery built inside, rather than plugging into the wall. The battery can be in standby mode for up to 30 days, meaning that barely uses battery life if it isn't recording. The battery needs to be recharged after the camera has recorded 10 hours of motion activated video.

    To view the recorded footage, remove the memory card - it's hidden behind a trap door. Plug that card into your PC using the adapter that comes in the box, and then play the video on your PC. It’s simple to use, and detailed instructions come with it.

    Help When You Need It

    We know you’ve never used a hidden camera before, and that you want to have a hassle-free experience when it comes to using a hidden camera.

    Because of that, all our spy cameras come with a 1-year warranty, free ground shipping, & free lifetime tech support - just get in touch with us if you have any questions.

  • Common Uses For This Product Include:

    • Seeing what’s going on inside your home
    • Monitoring your employees at work
    • Catching elder abuse at nursing homes
    • Taping theft or other illegal behavior

  • What's In The Box:

    • Smoke Detector Hidden Camera
    • 32GB memory card
    • AC power adapter
    • Remote control for programming
    • TV connection cables
    • Software for viewing video
    • Instruction manual

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How wide can the camera see?

    The camera has about a 75 degree angle. We recommend putting it near the corner of a room, because this gets about 90% coverage - it just won’t get things directly on the sides of the camera.

    How much video can it record?

    It all depends on the size of your memory card. You’ll usually get about 40 minutes of video per gigabyte (GB).

    • 8GB = 5 hours
    • 16GB = 10 hours
    • 32 GB = 20 hours

    Keep in mind that it only records when there’s motion. So if the camera only records for 4 hours per day, then a 32GB SD card will keep video from the last 5 days.

    What happens if the memory card gets full?

    If the card fills up with video, the older video gets deleted to make room for new video. So if you run out of space on Day 5, Day 1 will be deleted to make room for Day 6.

    Does the camera record sound?

    No. We don’t make them with sound because that’s actually illegal.

  • Expert Advice

    Hidden cameras often seem difficult to use, but using it is actually quite easy. We know you’ve never used one before, so it’s specifically made to be as simple as possible.

    Never worry about someone realizing it’s a hidden camera. That’s impossible - nobody ever thinks about a camera watching them, especially a hidden one. Nobody knows it’s a hidden camera, except you.

    If you need help, though, we’d be glad to show you how to use it - just get in touch.

    - SpyGuy

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Glen H

Smoke Detector Hidden Camera

Havnt open product.Looks like same one I bought from a different company but they say it is not

Yves C

Smoke Detector Hidden Camera

Great presale and postsale support - Accurate info and quality product!

Frederick R

Smoke Detector Hidden Camera

Works great!!! Thanks for the great service

Tom D

Smoke Detector Hidden Camera

Pros: Decent quality camera. Effective in recording. It is a complete system. The videos are recorded to an onboard chip, as opposed to having to wire it to a recording device and it has IR capability. The instructions on the CD are not hard to follow, and I like the CD delivery medium. The setup menu is simple and reasonably easy to follow. Fast response from the distributor to all inquiries. Cons: Very expensive; about twice what I would expect. Camera has a somewhat narrow field of view vertically. The kit lacks the little things, such as mounting screws or a mounting plate. Camera has to be taken down to charge the battery or opened and the battery removed. The battery is secured by Velcro straps, so it is not the easiest process. Could not find the ability to purchase a spare battery, so batteries could be quickly rotated. And with no mounting plate, when it is removed one cannot be assured that it has been aimed the same way. I went ahead and gave it 4 stars, because the device itself does serve its purpose, the instructions are good, and the overall design is good.


Smoke Detector Hidden Camera

Thank you

Tim P

Smoke Detector Hidden Camera

Works great pleased with all features


Smoke Detector Hidden Camera

We purchased 2, they work great, easy to hide and real clarity in play back. Thanks.


Smoke Detector Hidden Camera

We caught some one breaking into our laundry machine quality goes way down in night vision mode. The sensor was a little slow to register but we did get a good enough picture of the their to turn into police


Smoke Detector Hidden Camera

I don't notice these anyways so why would anyone even guess it has a camera in it?


Smoke Detector Hidden Camera

After much deliberation, I purchased this model. Although it works quite well, I ended up needing to run a power wire through my drop-tile ceiling to power the unit. The battery is good but I cannot climb to take it off when it must be recharged. I still climb, but only to get the memory card after 1-2 weeks. It appears to work as a smoke detector as well, but I will need to test it. Came in a white box that my receptionist signed for and she couldn't guess what it was.

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