Outlander Real-Time GPS Tracker

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  • See where a car currently is & everywhere it’s been
  • View instantly from your iPhone, Android, & computer
  • Get notified by text or email about car activity

  • 10 second updates - watch it move in real time
  • Up to 18 days of battery life, 80 days with add-on
  • Perfect accuracy - shows the exact locations

  • The Answers You’re Looking For

    You need to know where they’re going. They tell you one thing, but you don’t believe them - you have suspicions about what they’re doing when they’re away. Don’t you want know for sure what’s really happening?

    A real-time GPS tracker is the easiest way to confirm what you’re thinking. It details exactly what’s going on at that moment, and gets the answers you need. Just place the tracker on the car, log in through the website or iPhone app, and all your questions are answered.

    The Outlander is the best GPS tracker we’ve ever seen, without question. To borrow a saying from Apple, “It just works.” It’s incredibly simple to use, has a long-lasting battery, and tells you everything you could possibly want to know about what the car’s doing.

    You’ll see everywhere the they were, when they get there, and when they left. It takes less than 5 minutes to learn how to use the tracker, and you probably won’t even need to read the manual. That’s how great this tracker is.

    Where To Put It

    It’s very straightforward - the tracker goes on the car. You have several different options for where to put it. Good places inside the car include the glove box, center console, back pockets, & under a passenger seat. A trunk is also okay if you have a crossover, van or SUV.

    To stick the GPS device on the outside of the car, you’ll need to get the Outlander magnetic case. This keeps your tracker safe from the elements, and also let’s you magnetically attach it underneath the car. There’s a steel bar in both bumpers, which is the easiest place to put it.

    Seeing Where It Is

    After you receive your tracker in the mail, you’ll setup a GPS account with us. Using this account, you can log in to your GPS account through the iPhone/Android app, or you can log in on our GPS website. Imagine using Google Earth or Google Maps, because it’s exactly like that. Once you log in, the 3D maps system zooms in on the car. The first thing you’ll see the exact address, when the car last moved, & how much battery life’s left. When the car’s moving, the map updates every 10 seconds with the new location of the car.

    If you want to see everywhere the car’s been, the left hand side of the screen has a calendar where you can pick a date/time to see the history. Pick a day, and the map shows everywhere the car went and the actual address it was at. You’re able to generate detailed reports from up to 90 days ago.

    Want to get notified if the car gets turned on, or if it leaves/enters a certain neighborhood? You can setup text or email notifications and you’ll instantly know if the car is on the move.

    Fantastic Battery Life

    The first thing to know about battery life is that Outlander is motion-activated. Because of that, it doesn’t use any power when the car is stopped, letting you track for the longest time possible. The built-in battery lasts for 18 hours of driving time.

    Here’s what that means - if the car drives for 1 hour a day, it lasts 18 days. Driving 2 hours per day ends up being 9 days before recharging, and so forth.

    If the car is very active, get our extended battery pack, which can last up to 3 months without needing a charge. You end up saving a lot of time and the effort of having to go pull the tracker off the car.

  • What's In The Box:

    • Outlander Real-Time GPS Tracker
    • Wall charger
    • Instruction manual

  • Data Plan Info:

    All real-time trackers like the Outlander need a data plan to work - it needs to be able to connect to the Internet and share all the info it’s collecting.

    Our data plan is $39.99/month, and there’s no contract. It’s month-to-month, unlike most companies that want to sign you up for 6-12 months contracts, even though you don’t need it that long. Cancel it anytime to want, and activate it again when needed.

  • Expert Advice

    I’m not shy about it - this is the best GPS tracker ever, hands down. It first came out 7 years ago and has been continually improved since then. You’ll find it incredibly easy to use, even if you aren’t good with technology. I guarantee you’ll love this GPS tracker.

    - SpyGuy

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Fernando M.

Skeptic at first

When I received the item I was really impressed with the quality of the items in my box. I was curious what I would find when I started using the item and I can honestly say it works exactly how it is sold to work. It's a bit pricey but It's awesome. You will not be disappointed.


Glad I bought it

Th only problem I had was if you watched on the a phone and the vehicle did not move in awhile I had to refresh by login back in to site.

Giles H

Outlander Real-Time GPS Tracker

Have not used it yet so can't comment

Kevin S

Outlander Real-Time GPS Tracker

Pretty good service. Highly recommended.

Carolyn J

Outlander Real-Time GPS Tracker

To be honest we are just now learning how to use it. We are excited that it is not too complicated to operate. We were also able to review the item on you website...very helpful! And the live contact in the beginning was huge. Thank you.

Ahmed S

Outlander Real-Time GPS Tracker

Very good product!!

Nirobi A

Outlander Real-Time GPS Tracker

Good product well made practical

Ines T

Outlander Real-Time GPS Tracker

The best of the best

Brenda R

Outlander Real-Time GPS Tracker

Works great on computer, and on smartphone! The software could be improved for real time viewing on phones!

Deanne M

Outlander Real-Time GPS Tracker

Great service and products!!!

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