SG-1 Personal RF Detector

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  • Compact & straightforward
  • Finds both digital & analog signals
  • Works with wireless cameras & mics
  • Standard 50MHz-6GHz frequency range
  • Beginner friendly

  • Handy For Basic Bug Sweeps

    Finding wireless devices is one of the most common reasons that private investigators are hired. Often times, a bug sweep by a PI is between $200-400, and they’re using the same detectors we offer on our website. You can save a good amount of money by doing the sweep yourself.

    If you’re new to personal security or on a budget, the SG-1 is the perfect start for bug detection. Unless you need the features of our professional bug detectors, or just enjoy having the best there is, the SG-1 is going to do the job just fine.

    You’ll be able to find any bugs that travel between the frequencies of 50MHz and 6GHZ, which is the most popular way audio and video are sent. The sensitivity knob helps you narrow down the location of the transmitter. Like all our bug detectors, it detects both analog and digital signals.

    If you need to know more about how wireless bugs work, click the tab above labeled 'How It Works’.

    People That Get This:

    • Are new to security equipment
    • Have less serious circumstances
    • Need something quick & easy

  • Here's How It Works

    When someone uses the term ‘bug’, they’re usually talking about a covert device that sends a wireless signal. That device could be a hidden camera or microphone. The signal it sends usually goes anywhere from 50-500 feet, but it could go further.

    The signal that’s being sent goes to a receiver. That receiver could be send to a tape recorder, or even a person camping inside a van like you see in movies. Yes, law enforcement actually does that! That signal can be detected with a bug detector.

    So, you think you’re being bugged. Turn off all your electronics that emit signals, like wireless routers and cordless phones. Flip the power switch on the detector, and pay attention to the LEDs on the bug detector. If it senses a weak signal, a couple of LEDs might flicker.

    The stronger the signal, the brighter the LEDs get. As you walk around the room, pay attention to those lights. If there really is a wireless bug, you’ll be able to pinpoint where it is.

  • What's In The Box:

    • SG-1 Personal RF Detector
    • Earphones for quiet use
    • 2xAAA batteries
    • Instruction manual

  • Expert Advice

    Many detectives got their start with the SG-1; this is actually the first device I ever used for a bug sweep. It does its job well and is suitable for most cases, but lacks flexibility and features of the LM-8 and T-9 detectors we offer. If you’re just looking for the basics, this will work fine.

    - SpyGuy

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SG-1 Personal RF Detector


Maria P

SG-1 Personal RF Detector

Thank you, I really like it. It is very helpful.

Edward K

SG-1 Personal RF Detector

Very good works as described


SG-1 Personal RF Detector

Excellent very compact


SG-1 Personal RF Detector

shipped on time!


SG-1 Personal RF Detector

great price, ordered came real fast.


SG-1 Personal RF Detector

Easy to use and very sensitive. Got a hit with all power off and traced it to a relay 20 feet outside of the building. Worked.


SG-1 Personal RF Detector

It is nice to have the piece of mind knowing that if anyone were to ever spy on me, I have a way to know for sure !!


SG-1 Personal RF Detector

Feels a little cheap because of the thin plastic.


SG-1 Personal RF Detector

It wouldn't turn on when we got it. I tried different AAA batteries than the one it came with, but those didn't work. A call to technical support revealed that the little spring that touches the end of the battery for power wasn't making good connection with the battery. We used a pencil to pullthe spring away, and now it works great!

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