10 Industries GPS Trackers Can Help With

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GPS tracking technology has become widely used by both individuals and businesses. Many industries use GPS tracking devices and locators for their fleets, vehicles, and even their inexpensive transportation equipment which may be easily susceptible to theft.

In this article, we’ll tell you why companies use GPS tracking devices, 10 industries GPS trackers can help with, and the SpyGuy GPS data plan in case you’re interested in incorporating this technology yourself.

Why Do Companies Use GPS Trackers?

Not only do GPS trackers improve the drivers’ safety and the quality of service, but they save time and money for both the employees and employers. Besides being mostly used by large companies, small and medium companies that use vehicles will find GPS trackers especially helpful, if not essential, for their business.

Without a doubt, a GPS tracker increases efficiency and ensures that safety and time are of the highest priority.

If you’re an employer, you can actively monitor your employee’s everyday trajectory, pit stops, and speed, and point out the shortest routes for the most efficient performance.

Figuring out the best maps, informing your staff, and synchronizing your trucks and cars accordingly is something most delivery companies keep in mind, and there are ways to properly implement the best routes for your company.

Having a strict and clear GPS monitoring schedule keeps your daily transport operations tight and structured.

There are also instances where you will need to be extra careful not to have your vehicle bugged with a GPS tracking device. Please read our SpyGuy legal issues guide[a] if you’re suspicious and you want to know how to find a GPS tracker in your car.

Now, let’s jump right in. Here are 10 industries that benefit the most from GPS tracking systems.

1. Taxi Services

Let’s start with taxi companies. Tracking devices are obviously crucial here given that they do everything they can to avoid fuel losses and mistakes from subpar employees. The taxi company dispatchers must be informed about the company vehicles’ whereabouts at all times, as they actively update and improve time management to reduce mileage.

Having honest drivers is one thing, but a proper GPS system ensures there’s no room for mistakes.

2. Delivery and Courier Services

It goes without saying. The courier/delivery giants like Hermes and Royal Mail are top businesses that rely on quality GPS tracking services and do their best to sharpen their schedules never to miss a beat. These are industries that use GPS tracking devices for their otherwise heavy vehicles.

These businesses use a powerful parcel tracking GPS technology, which allows their customers to monitor their orders and delivery movement status. The system actively updates the parcel’s location so that the customer can keep their impatient eyes on the company’s website. No more false estimations and phone call updates on your order.

It’s a very convenient and top-notch service, which is why Hermes and Royal Mail are regarded as luxurious, costly delivery companies.

Buyers and sellers need this kind of service, and GPS tracking systems make sure that everything is in the right place (and on time).

3. Law Enforcement

This also goes without saying. Law enforcement GPS tracking systems save lives, and in most states, the authorities have special GPS trackers that are critical for on-duty law enforcement officers.

It’s important for the dispatchers and officers on duty to know their vehicle’s exact location at all times. Dispatchers have their GPS monitors at the ready, and in the event that a crime is reported on the radio, they know exactly which car is available and closest to the crime scene.

Agencies use law enforcement GPS tracking systems to file police reports as evidence. They can also track vehicles to issue arrests or conduct investigations on patrol. In some states, officers need warrants in order to place GPS trackers on potential suspects. As of late, the GPS laws are still being updated and reworked.

For more on the legal issues and regulations regarding GPS tracking devices and law enforcement authorities please read our SpyGuy guide here.

4. Construction Companies (GPS trackers for Semi-Trucks and Snow Plows)

Construction companies have all kinds of transport machines and varied vehicles for their business and tasks at hand, like trucks, semi-trucks, snow plows[e], etc. All of these construction machines and heavy vehicles rely on special GPS trackers.

Construction company employees handle expensive machinery and vehicles, and this is why construction companies do what they can to monitor their vehicles’ location and productivity. GPS trackers for snow plows, GPS trackers for semi-trucks, and many other specially made devices may be more expensive than your regular vehicle devices, but it’s not hard to come across quality GPS devices for your fleet.

For example, there was a spike in Irish construction-related crime in 2017, with thieves stealing trucks, power tools, and other expensive construction resources that had been left in cars and trucks. Occurrences like these reflect on the importance of GPS trackers for heavy vehicles, bigger construction items, and expensive tools.

For more on safety and anti-burglary security systems, check out our hidden camera surveillance systems

Construction companies also need tracking devices to further improve the safety regulations for their already risky job. GPS trackers for semi-trucks, heavy vehicles, and construction equipment, provide foremen with insight for proper routes and give them an opportunity to find better waypoints.

Tracking data can also be used for invoicing customers and making sure that over-time work is properly monitored.

5. Fleet Companies

Fleet companies that use many vehicles for waste management plants, telecommunications companies, and power plants, enjoy the benefits of GPS trackers.

They also utilize necessary machinery tracking, as most of these industries rely on heavy machinery and expensive equipment, so protecting them is essential.

GPS devices planted on waste management trucks, on telecommunications cars, and electric plant company cars ensure the workers are on time, on duty, and on point.

6. Sales Professionals

There are salesmen who need GPS tracking devices for greater purposes than just saving time or money.

We’re just joking.

Some businesses have sales managers that use GPS for faster driving routes when last-minute itinerary changes occur, as well as for more efficient planning, updating, and scheduling. Salespeople rely on GPS for that edge in speed and efficiency, so they can improve their productivity and earn more money.

7. Takeaway Services and Food Delivery Industries 

Literally any business that has delivery in their name needs to get themselves a GPS system.

The takeaway and food delivery companies caused massive spikes on the finance charts in recent times, especially amid the rampant Coronavirus pandemic. Takeaway services have seen massive growth and an increase in sales.

And all because of smartphones and the sedentary lifestyle of these modern times (well, that, and COVID-19). There’s no need to leave your house to get food anymore - just browse the delivery services on your app, place your order, and wait for the doorbell to ring.

This is where GPS tracking comes in. Customers are updated on their orders while the company ensures that it finds better ways to improve the speed and maintenance of the vehicles. Speed and accuracy is a cornerstone in the food industry - after all, no one likes their food cold!

8. Public Transportation

Buses, airplanes, trains, and the taxi companies that we mentioned all rely on GPS systems to uphold their time-constrained duty and keep on track. For some experienced drivers, it all comes down to automatism and muscle memory, having completed their everyday routes for who knows how long. Still, GPS devices are vital for these businesses.

Transit companies rely on strict transit schedules. It’s rare and unusual, but if a waypoint mistake or a disruption ever occurs, it turns into absolute chaos, especially in a bustling city. This is why we call buses and trains, the urban circulatory system.

GPS tracking enables transit companies to prepare for such disruptions accordingly so that they keep their schedule in tune.

Companies like Uber and Lyft have their own real-time location apps, which is why you’re able to see their location and the approximate arrival time.

9. Logistics and Trucking Industries 

Commercial truck GPS tracking is quite common, as well as other logistics and trucking companies that implement machinery tracking for their vehicles. They need to monitor them to make sure that their vast deliveries are on time and on the quickest routes and highways.

These logistics companies have a very important job - to supply a massive number of recipients with their orders. Goods, products, resources, raw materials, clothes, medicine… if they don’t arrive on time, many businesses will be forced to count their losses. A mere half-hour delay means a negative impact on every business involved.

GPS tracking ensures this doesn’t happen. Speed, waypoints, and fuel maintenance play an important role, and truckers are under enough pressure to plan their journeys and calculate traffic, road constructions, and other instances in order to do their job properly.

This is why logistics and trucking businesses need to always find ways to improve their efficiency to avoid any delays as much as possible.

10. GPS Trackers For Limousines

Last, but not least. Limos are an integral part of weddings, fancy school graduation parties, and other celebrations that involve lots of people, and a very good time.

These hospitality industries and similar rental services also need GPS tracking devices for their routes and plans. Careful routes and movement ensures great customer service and proper and safe navigation.

Limos are not your regular cars. They are large and require the help of a proper GPS device to figure out the best routes so that everyone can have a good (and safe) time.

Cost-Efficient GPS Tracking Devices for Your Company

SpyGuy has in store high quality, all-purpose GPS tracking devices built for companies, and for personal use alike. Check out our products and contact us to see which one suits your company’s needs best.

Companies with large vehicle fleets will find that the Recon does its job well. It has the best coverage in the USA, with real-time monitoring updates that tick every 10 seconds, for maximum productivity and surveillance. Additionally, the monitoring is Google Maps powered, so you won’t have to rely on old maps, and its compact size with built-in magnets, long battery life, and waterproof walls ensure safety and durability.

This tracker has a built-in, weatherproof magnet as well and it can go outside the vehicle just like the Outlander. The Outlander is built for more personal use, but you can use it for your company vehicles as well.

Bonus: Pet Collar Industries That Benefit From GPS Tracking Devices

As an added bonus we’d like to include our beloved feline, canine, feathered, and scaly friends. Well, all of those who are able to wear a collar, at least.

A very popular and high-demand product that the pet industries always have in stock are collars with GPS tracking devices on them. They are usually waterproof collars and are often shock resistant. GPS devices are perfect for collars and they help us to track down our pets if they get lost or are kidnapped.

They are usually very expensive, but there are lots of DIY alternatives for you to try. You don’t need to buy a fancy, stylish GPS tracking collar for your pet.

All it takes is just some scraps of durable material and a sewing kit to attach a regular, real-time GPS device to the collar, and voila.

The Spyguy GPS Data Plan for Companies and Industries

You’ll need a proper data plan for your company GPS trackers. That waypoint data is very important, and we have a finely tuned monthly data plan for you.

Almost every GPS tracker retailer has data plan schedules.

Real-time trackers rely on data plans because it incorporates the use of the internet and satellite transmissions for your vehicle’s movement data.

Most companies will require you to sign a 6-12 month contract you probably won’t need.

We don’t do that.

Feel free to contact us and give us a call for any inquiries and to get the latest pricing on our data plans. You are free to cancel it and reactivate it anytime you want.

Why Choose SpyGuy?

If you need a speedy and cost-effective GPS tracker, look no further. We’re here to answer all your questions.

We at SpyGuy greatly value our customers’ time. This is reflected in the quality of our GPS products.

Just get in touch with us if you have any questions.

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