How To Catch Car Vandalism

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Let’s talk about vandalism. To be more precise, vehicle vandalism. If something like this hasn’t occurred to you, you probably know someone who’s had his car keyed out of spite at the very least.

This type of crime is not to be taken lightly. Property-related crimes and motor-vehicle theft are on the rise. This is due to the fact that criminals constantly weaponize sophisticated technology like smart keys and fobs to steal or damage vehicles.

That’s why we at SpyGuy believe that using a car security camera will make sure you fight fire with fire. Using the right car surveillance equipment to catch the whole thing on camera is key. There’s no point in getting involved when you can just press charges with fresh evidence.

When the Local Authorities Are Powerless to Help

Filing a police report without proper evidence gets you nowhere.

Sure, you can present a very logical and sound story about your ex (who is also an ex-baseball player), who did a number on your windshield with a bat. Even if the police officer believes your story, you still have no empirical evidence of the misfortunate event.

There’s also a silver lining here somewhere. The police can sometimes acquire fingerprints from your car, and you’ll have to wait a month or so for the results. Other times, they won’t bother to spend resources on fingerprinting or even inquire about anything else.

It’s Your Own Problem and Car Surveillance Systems Will Solve It

By now you’re probably getting the right idea. There’s no faster and cheaper way to solve or prevent this serious problem. Well, ‘prevent’ is a strong word, unless your vehicle is in a safe and sound garage.

We mentioned technology and gadgets earlier. Rigging the car with a proper car surveillance camera and properly using it will get you your evidence. What better way is there than catching the vandal in the act?

In the good old days, if your car wasn’t parked within a security camera’s view, you’d have a really hard time proving vandalism. Even if it was, the malls and parking lot owners can be really difficult when asked for the important tapes.

Not today. We’re here to tap into the power of contemporary accessible technology. We have the right idea and ingenuity to make proper use of high-quality car surveillance systems. In this guide, we’ll show you the important points of buying and efficiently using a car security camera.

Car Surveillance Cameras and Vehicle Security

The habit of parking your precious wheels in a garage can be important in trying times like these. But, if you prefer to leave your car out in the open, or you’re afraid that something will happen when you’re out and about or traveling, we recommend arming yourself first with a good car surveillance system.

We, at SpyGuy, advise you to read on about the legality and regulations while using security camera/audio surveillance systems. The law is different and varies from state to state, so we strongly urge you to read all about it in this guide on how to use the devices and the many ways you are allowed to use the surveillance system.

Another brilliant alternative is planting a real-time GPS tracking device on your car, in case of grand theft auto. Our SpyGuy GPS trackers offer many ways to keep you informed of your car’s exact location and movement.

Can I Use Car Cameras to Catch Vandals?

It’s not that simple, but it’s the most efficient and affordable way to deal with this problem. Sometimes, a vandal can get away with serious damages to your car in case the cameras are improperly placed.

Here are some very important things to consider, before deciding to plant a car surveillance system:

  • Location of your car (public or private property);
  • Angle and direction where your camera is facing;
  • Camera quality (resolution quality, light regulation, night vision, etc.).

Location is a very important factor in making sure this works perfectly.

Having a camera to watch your car at all times with minimal maintenance is what we’re looking for here. You don’t want to get your car keyed from the other side where the cam’s sight can’t reach.

We distinguished two basic methods of car security surveillance - from the outside, and from the inside. At SpyGuy, we have a plethora of hidden cameras that are perfect for vehicle surveillance.

Most of our products are designed to look like everyday inconspicuous objects so no one can suspect anything.

Monitoring the Car From the Outside

For those of you who are situated in the suburbs or tenement blocks where your car is parked relatively close, placing a camera outside is a really good idea.

It’s definitely the best method to convey proper home monitoring because it serves as an all-round property and car surveillance system.

The Yard Rock Hidden Camera

If you want to place a car camera outside, and for no one to notice it, The Yard Rock Hidden Camera is your cam of choice. They can’t see it, but it can see them. 

The camera is conveniently disguised as a rock. We recommend hiding it within a bush, or placing it on a windowpane, facing towards your car.

The Yard Rock cam has a high-quality, 4K resolution with a motion-activated sensor that activates every time it senses movement. This is what makes it perfect as a car surveillance security system.

It’s waterproof so you won’t have to worry about the weather. It records video onto an SD memory card, the battery lasts up to 20 hours of recording, and the memory card is hidden behind a trap door on the cam.

Just make sure your car is 20 ft. away from the cam so it can register motion and start recording. 

Why the Yard Rock?

We recommend the Yard Rock because it can record from a wide angle. You won’t have to worry about the cam failing to capture everything since the 75-degree angle does all the work.

It’s perfect for when the dashcams don’t work since their angle is straight forward and are unable to record the whole event.

Besides that, you can just leave the cam and let it do all the work. All you have to do is recharge the batteries every now and then, as the motion-capture feature saves all the time you’ll need.

However, the other side of the car won’t be covered, so here’s why we’re using two cameras on the inside.

Monitoring the Car From the Inside

You can also use a dashcam camera pointed to the interior of the car, just in case you want to capture some different angles when the vandal looks inside the car or breaks into it to steal something.

The iPhone Battery Case

By placing the SpyGuy iPhone Case Hidden Camera, nobody will suspect a thing. It has a built-in 16GB memory, HD 1080p video, and a motion-capture feature to save battery life.

Keep in mind that the motion-capture cam works as an alert. The cam starts recording a new video every time it detects motion, so this allows you to sort through the videos once the cam is done recording.

If you’re having trouble with vandals or thieves while on foot, using the SpyGuy Spy Pen or Spy Watch will solve your problem. These are our wearable body cams, and they are designed to record any muggers you might have the misfortune of running into. 

Why Are We Using the Cam on the Inside?

Using two cameras from inside the car facing each other covers 100% of the area inside and outside of your car. You have two viewpoints to capture any vandals that try to key your car.

Remember that it’s always a good idea to have your car secured with a good old GPS tracking device. You can check out our SpyGuy GPS trackers catalog if you require any asset or vehicle tracking devices to make your job easier.


Like we said, accidents happen, and there are times when you’re just too busy with your lives. A decent car surveillance system is worth every penny and gets you out of trouble.

A simple solution like a hidden camera in your car or a wi-fi cam for real-time monitoring will do the job just fine. Keep in mind that these cams only provide proof and evidence of a crime. You’ll still need to fix or recover your stolen car.

We offer you guides, advice, and instructions on how to choose the perfect car security system, as well as home monitoring. If need be, we will help you pick a camera suitable for your needs.

Don’t hesitate to drop us a line and we’ll make sure you’re properly equipped against all kinds of trouble.

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