Mini Security Cameras: Fixed or Portable?

Mini Security Cameras: Fixed or Portable?

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Using mini security cameras is an easy and effective way to secure your home or business. You can check in whenever you want and you can provide evidence in case of theft. You know that if there are any issues, problems, or accidents you can see exactly who was involved, what happened, and when it happened. Small security cameras offer incredible protection and peace of mind for a relatively low cost.

There is a vast range of mini security cameras to choose from but for the purpose of this article, we’re going to divide them into two categories; fixed mini cameras and portable mini cameras. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to which you should choose so let's talk about the pros and cons of each and you can make your own mind up about which is right for you.

Fixed Mini Spy Camera

There are a few great advantages to using a fixed hidden camera. Some are common to all mini security cameras in that they gather evidence that can assist in the recovery of stolen items; watch over teenagers or elders home alone, or monitor babysitters and house cleaners when you are not around.

What sets fixed mini cameras apart is that they are immobile. They can be fixed rigidly to a wall or ceiling in such a way that it is very hard for someone to tamper with them or remove them. The person being recorded cannot just tilt a wall-mounted clock so it faces a different direction if they suspect there is a small video camera inside. Similarly with a smoke detector hidden camera, if someone starts moving them around, they are hard to reach and it is very obvious when reviewing the footage that something strange is going on. 

Another great advantage with fixed mini security cameras is that once you put them in a place with a decent field of view and at the right angle, you can leave them in one spot and not have to worry about relocating them. It means all you have to focus on is the footage and battery life of the camera, rather than having to relocate it every day or ensure it hasn’t been moved.

The downside to this is that if you don’t get the angle right and the camera is not picking up the footage you expect; it looks very strange if you start moving them around. 

It's also tricky to place a fixed mini security camera in larger areas with lots of obstructions. L-shaped rooms and  rooms with shelving systems and room dividers can be difficult for a single, fixed camera to get a good view of all vantage points.

Portable Mini Spy Camera

Let's talk about portable mini spy cameras. The key thing about portable mini security cameras is their mobility. You can move them, adjust their angle, change their orientation, and remove them as many times as you want. This versatility means that they are ideal if you are just starting out making your home secure. If, after setting them up, you notice they are not facing the right direction or covering the areas where there is more activity, you can simply move them to a better location. 

The TV remote control hidden camera and the computer mouse hidden camera are great examples of this because they are just so mobile. You can set them on a desk, on a shelf, at any angle you please and they will work just fine. They are battery-powered so they need no power supply and they look exactly like what they are disguised as so no one would ever suspect they were hidden cameras.

All of our hidden cameras are disguised as regular household items which makes them super discrete. You can place them in areas that fixed mini security cameras can’t reach because they would look out of place. For example, nearly every house these days has a Wi-Fi router, some more than one. They can be moved around under the cover of providing a “better signal” to different areas of the house and can be placed on a desk, shelf, TV stand, or even mounted to the wall to get a good view. Our Wi-Fi router hidden camera is 1080p HD and has night vision, and there are many other great examples in our range.

The main upside of portable mini security cameras is also their downside. Since you have so much freedom to move them, so too do the people you are trying to observe. Someone could pick up the TV remote, try to change the channel with it, and leave it down the back of the couch. Equally, someone could clear a desk to work on and leave the mouse camera in a drawer, losing a day of useful recording.

As well as accidentally moving portable security cameras people can also purposefully take portable cameras with them or tamper with them if they suspect they are being observed. So it is a good idea to buy a camera that automatically backs up footage wirelessly or transmits live video that can be observed remotely like the weather clock hidden camera (1080p HD) or the wireless charger clock speaker camera (1080p HD).

Round-up of Differences Between Fixed and Portable Mini Security Cameras


  • Pro: Difficult to interfere or tamper with the camera
  • Pro: Easy to operate, no need to move constantly
  • Con: Single vantage point
  • Con: Not suitable for some areas


  • Pro: Versatility of location and angle to suit various purposes
  • Pro: Can be hidden nearly anywhere
  • Con: Easy to move by mistake or on purpose

So how do you choose which one is right for you?

There is no absolute best mini security camera out there. We hope that weighing up the pros and cons of each type of camera will be of some help in deciding. Some have features that others don’t so it is really up to you to decide what you will be using the camera for. And where you will be using it.

Look at the room you are going to observe. Think about the shape of the room and whether one camera could conceivably see every area in that room. If that's the case then all you need is a single, fixed camera to solve your problem. But if there are obstacles like corners or large furniture pieces that could obstruct the view, you could consider buying multiple cameras or you could buy a single, portable, small video camera and try it in different locations to see what gives you the best result.

Also, give some thought to the type of people you are observing. If you are using the camera to check in on your kids and you have decided you need the versatility of a portable mini camera then perhaps choose a camera that has live streaming capabilities so you can check in at any hour. You might also want to stay away from high-interest items for kids, such as TV remotes as they are likely to be moved. 

If you have any more questions about which type of camera is for you, just pop us a message or use the chat box in the corner and one of our experts will be delighted to help.

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