Hidden Security Cameras For Your Safety

Hidden Security Cameras For Your Safety

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Hidden security cameras are essential for your family's safety and security. Research shows a correlation between fears about home security and increased job market instability and rising inflation. Since we're hitting a particularly rough patch with rising gas prices and day-to-day grocery lists increasing by a good few $$, both on the back of the great resignation, we're not surprised that there's been a purchase jump for our security cameras.

Hidden security cameras provide peace of mind, enhanced security, and an additional monitor for your children. The hidden cameras we cover are ideal for home use. They're completely disguised, so nobody would suspect they're being watched. It's an essential feature for securing your home without letting intruders know that you have them on video. Scouring through the hundreds of suggestions of hidden cameras can be pretty daunting, and knowing how to find disguised security cameras amongst the vast catalog takes some practice.

Luckily, we've got that part covered for you. 

In this article, while we specifically cover home security cameras for burglaries, we have written a piece about nanny cams, which you can read by clicking on the link. Later in the month, we'll follow that one up with the five best nanny cams you can buy. 

Things you should consider when buying a hidden camera for your home:

  1. Motion detection: To save on battery life, you need hidden security cameras that can go into sleep mode most of the time and only activate when there's movement. Motion-activated hidden cameras should be sensitive enough to pick up on fast movement with no hesitation. Make sure you have robust and speedy wifi and a good quality camera. Our hidden cameras come with a built-in motion detection feature.
  2. High-quality resolution & night vision: Once the motion is activated, you want hidden cameras that will transmit quality, clear visuals. Most camera brands advertise 1080p visuals, but even the best quality brands that we sell can only transmit that in ideal conditions. We suggest still only purchasing a camera with 1080p resolution and understand that the visuals may not always be perfect.
  3. Night vision is another essential feature for your camera visuals. Although alarmingly, 51% of reported burglaries occur during the daytime, you still need to make sure that your camera has excellent night vision. Outside, night vision cameras also have to be able to pick up decent footage during stormy conditions, which definitely won't happen if your camera doesn't have night vision. Most hidden cameras have clear videos during the day but lack the night vision capabilities. We've included a few hidden cameras that have both.
  4. Two-way recording: Some states have laws against simultaneous audio and video recording, so we suggest looking up the rules in your state. Despite this, we strongly recommend two way sound for security reasons. Now, we're not saying break the law - a burglar won't have a leg to stand on against your video recording - but it is crucial to understand the laws, so you know what you're facing. Most hidden cameras have a setting that allows you to adjust the sound recording feature.
  5. Phone app integration: Hidden cameras these days often come with a phone app. Some are pretty basic and show real-time footage. Others level up with highlight reels, motion-activated timed footage that you can scroll back and forth through, and features that allow you to check your camera's battery and download, delete footage or share footage.
  6. Durability: If you're buying an outdoor hidden camera, this should be your most significant purchasing factor. Far too many people opt for the features we listed above, and to combine this with an affordable price tag, they forgo the durability. When the camera succumbs to outdoor elements a few weeks later, they have to spend double the price to get a new one. Read reviews about the hidden cameras you're thinking of buying and do a specific CTR F search for durability. Also, make sure you have a decent warranty, so if your camera does break, you don't have to fork out extra $$ to buy a new one.

Bonus Tips:

  • Affordability: Since hidden cameras are innovative technology, you're not going to find good quality cameras for very cheap. However, there's no need to fork out thousands of dollars for a camera. Our cameras range between $120 and $330, and they're high-quality top-of-the-range products.
  • Disguise: The popular outdoor cameras on your door are ideal for monitoring outside activity. Disguised cameras are suitable because nobody will suspect they're being watched. However, since it's easy to spot, an intruder can disable or destroy the camera.
  • Wireless: Messing around with wires trying to connect to power outlets is inconvenient. Most of our cameras are completely wireless, making installation and disguise easy. It's also easier for someone to spot a device with wires running through it.

Our favorite hidden indoor home security cameras:

Wireless wall charger clock camera

We love this camera because it's a total all-in-one. It streams full-HD video at 1920x1080 resolution, and the night vision can see 20 ft in absolute darkness. Sure, you have an alarm clock on your phone, but this digital clock is so much more effective - it even shows the temperature. And, of course, it's a top-range hidden camera. Our price is just $219, which is a steal for all the features you'll get. Hidden cameras hidden in everyday objects will always be a top pick.

Motion detection X High-quality video ✓ Night vision ✓ Wireless ✓

Two-way recording ✓ Durability ✓ Affordability ✓ Disguise ✓

Smoke detector hidden camera

Inside this smoke detector, you'll find a tiny spy camera. Intruders won't have a clue that they're being watched. The High resolution, motion detector, and the 6-8 month battery life make this hidden camera one of our bestsellers. It comes with an easy-to-use velcro patch to mount on the corner of your ceiling to give it a full view of the room. We have a few other hidden cameras embedded within everyday devices, such as TV remotes and alarm clocks. The smoke detector camera works with wireless technology, so there's no need to connect anything. Remove the memory card and insert it into your computer to watch the recorded video.

Motion detection ✓ High-quality video ✓ Night vision ✓ Wireless X

Two-way recording ✓ Durability ✓ Affordability ✓ Disguise ✓

Wall clock camera

The wall clock hidden camera is an ideal hidden camera for your kitchen and living room. You can choose to record with a battery or for constant, long-lasting recording, or you can plug it into a wall socket. The night vision is decent as you can see 16 ft in total darkness. The price tag moves between $220 - $300 depending on stock and season specials, so if you see it at the lower end, grab it before it comes up again.

Motion detection ✓ High, quality video ✓ Night vision ✓. Wireless ✓

Two-way recording ✓ Durability ✓ Affordability ✓ Disguise ✓

Mini travel alarm camera

We're often so focused on protecting our homes that we forget we also travel with our most precious cargo - your family, passport, and money. It makes sense that a firm favorite amongst our team and clients is the mini travel alarm camera. It's compact and ideal for travel and doesn't compromise on quality. It has a motion detector, it's wifi enabled so videos can be streamed from anywhere in the world, and the battery lasts about 8 hours during the day and 3 hours with night vision. Hidden cameras are easy to disguise in an Airbnb because hosts already have access to the place and can place them behind unassuming, everyday objects.

Motion detection ✓ High-quality video ✓ Night vision ✓ Wireless ✓

Two-way recording X Durability ✓ Affordability ✓ Disguise ✓

Wifi router hidden camera

We love this camera because of the motion-activated recording and mobile alerts. It looks like a wifi router, so it's easily disguised. You can view videos in real-time with streaming full HD video.


Motion detection ✓ High-quality video ✓ Night vision ✓ Wireless ✓

Two-way recording X Durability ✓ Affordability ✓ Disguise ✓

Power Bank Hidden Camera:

Phone chargers are ideal hiding places for cameras because everyone uses them at work, home, and even in their cars. The power bank camera is placed inside the power bank, which fully functions as a wireless charger. You can see live videos on your phone or computer or download the data to your PC and view it from there. It also comes with a microphone so that you can hear crystal clear audio too.

Motion detection ✓ High-quality video ✓ Night vision ✓. Wireless ✓

 Two-way recording ✓ Durability ✓ Affordability ✓ Disguise ✓

Wireless PC Mouse Hidden Camera

It looks like a wireless mouse, and it functions as a mouse, but it comes with a tiny hidden camera inside. You can put the mouse next to your laptop or place it anywhere in your office or house, and it won't arouse suspicion. You can rest easy knowing the camera will capture HD videos when it detects motion. It comes with an audio recording feature, so when you view the saved videos, you'll be able to hear the sound too.

Motion detection ✓. High-quality video ✓ Night vision ✓ Wireless ✓

Two-way recording ✓ Durability ✓ Affordability ✓ Disguise ✓

That's it for our hidden indoor home security cameras and hidden outdoor home security cameras. You'll be seeing many more hidden cameras hitting the market this year - both outdoor and indoor. Don't get too overwhelmed by all the brands popping up, and think twice before spending $500 on a camera. We've made sure that all the cameras on our list are affordable and do the job properly. You don't have to break the bank to protect your home and your family but make sure that you do your research to find a camera that fits your needs.

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