What Can You Buy at a Spy Equipment Store?

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Keeping your wits about you sometimes is just not enough. It’s a modern era and we all need a gadget or two, as even the most erudite among you may end up in a situation where you’d need a helping hand. 

Every so often you just can’t remember all the important conversations you’ve had and sooner or later you’ll need an extra pair of eyes - none of us can be in multiple places at the same time. Perhaps you’re worried that you’re the one that’s being eyed in an impertinent manner? Then you might need to visit a spy equipment store. 

Top 10 Products to Buy at a Spy Equipment Store

SpyGuy is the number one spy equipment online store and we have devices for all your surveillance (and counter-surveillance) needs. We’re also here to help you decide what to buy. 

Below are our top go-to products from across all of our collections, be it audio surveillance, hidden cameras, GPS tracking, data recovery, or counter-surveillance; if you need prime spy equipment examples, you’ve come to the right place.

The Essential Spy Pen

The Spy Pen is the bonafide spy gadget and a must-have for anyone even mildly enthusiastic about spy equipment. If you’re wondering what to buy at a spy equipment store, the spy pen has all the features. 

Whether you want to record high-resolution video along with sound covertly, or take pictures like a true spy agent, this durable, yet inconspicuous device has got you covered on all fronts. Heck, why not take it just for the bragging rights, if nothing else? Surpassing the spy pen in terms of cool is a tall task. 

If you want to find out more about how to utilize it best or learn about its specifics in detail, head over to our all-inclusive spy pen article to learn what makes it stand apart.

The Bluetooth Headset Camera

Expanding on our list of spy equipment essentials, we would be foolish to not include the nifty Bluetooth Headset Camera. If it’s not unlike you to often be on the move and have the need to record video at a moment’s notice, this device won’t leave you asking for more. It’s quintessential for businessmen who want to stay in the loop and have video recordings of all their meetings.

If this is you, this is the product you’re looking for at a spy equipment store.

The Pocket Keychain Camera

The last spy video recorder on this list is the Pocket Keychain Audio Recorder, and it’s by no means last in order of quality. This professionally designed hidden camera has all the bits and bobs of the spy pen, but none of the “vintage”. If you’re the one with the coolest car in your circle, you surely drop your keys on the table like a trophy. Well, now you can keep that swagger and do all the taping you’ll ever need.

If you want to learn more about our body-worn hidden camera collection, check out our all-encompassing guide[b]. You might find something even more suitable.

USB Flash Drive Audio Recorder

Another gem in our spy equipment store is the USB Flash Drive Audio Recorder, for any and all covert audio surveillance situations. This voice-activated audio recorder, concealed as a simple flash drive, will catch speech up to 20 feet away. It’s perfect for recording any suspicious conversations, even if they’re happening at the next table. 

Ideal for private investigators and the like.

A Phone Call Recorder

In case you have a conversation over the phone that you would like to record and listen to whenever you’d like, this simple earbud phone call recorder will do the trick. It’s the ideal solution to record any heart-to-heart that might transpire over the phone. 

The earbud recorder is also very useful in situations where you might be the victim of verbal abuse or threats over the phone - you would have instant evidence.

The Outlander Real-Time GPS Tracker

The gear at our spy equipment store goes far beyond the usual audio and video surveillance devices that you’d expect to find. You could also accoutre yourself with neat GPS tracking units, too. The best of the best in this category is the Outlander Real-Time GPS Tracker. Sporting perfect accuracy, updates every 10 seconds, and up to 80 days battery life (with add-on), the Outlander is unmatched when it comes to real-time GPS tracking. 

You could take a rental vehicle and follow someone, and risk getting yourself in all sorts of trouble, or you could get the Outlander and know the precise location of a vehicle by simply looking at your phone. If you don't know much about this sort of device, take a look at our guide on how to use GPS trackers.

iPhone Data Recovery Stick

One more less known piece of spy equipment is the Data Recovery Stick, compatible with both iPhone and Android. You’ve almost certainly been in a situation where you’ve “cleaned” your phone of unwanted content, only to find yourself regretting it. With the recovery stick you can restore access to deleted files from a time-span of 3 to 6 months. Some customers claimed that they’ve managed to go as far back as a whole year! 

The data it can recover includes: deleted web history, deleted call history, deleted photos, and last but not least - text messages.

The Scout Hidden Camera Detector

It goes without saying that spy equipment stores offer much more than ways to obtain information in any form. You also have the means to protect yourself from prying eyes. Enter the Scout Hidden Camera Detector. This practical and effective tool finds any hidden wired or wireless cameras; all you need to do is scan the suspected general area by pressing the button and looking through the lens.

We have a whole video that will surely answer all your inquiries about this piece of state-of-the-art technology. If not, you can always contact us directly.

LM-8 Bug Detector

As you may have realized by now, there’s spy equipment for all intents and purposes, but there’s also a variety of counter-surveillance tools as well. If you want a blanket solution for all sorts of unwanted monitoring, the LM-8 Bug Detector will leave none undetected. Apart from detecting cameras, this device can also find wireless microphones, making it the best all-around bug detector out there. 

With the LM-8 you can rest assured that you’re safe from nosey individuals.

VM-3 GPS Tracker Detector

Intuition is a powerful tool. It helps us avoid all sorts of trouble and gives us the courage to venture into escapades that might not seem all that understandable at a given moment. For example, when you suspect you’re being followed, you get that same gut feeling. But there’s absolutely no way of knowing for sure unless you obtain sure-fire proof of the occurrence. 

With the VM-3 GPS Tracker Detector, you won’t have to leave anything to chance. It’s specialized for finding any and all GPS trackers in your surroundings or your vehicle. Apart from rooting out the trackers, it also warns you of any extraneous GSM and CDMA cell phone signals.

There Are Legal Issues You Should Be Aware Of

When browsing through a spy equipment store, it’s important to note that not all of the devices are approved of in every state. There are certain laws and regulations that pertain to the use of some surveillance equipment. We have a detailed rundown on this matter that you would do well to read through before deciding on the usefulness of an item. Customer satisfaction is a top priority at SpyGuy, and knowledge of the inherent legal issues (or lack thereof) is key.

For example, the audio surveillance devices can’t be used without having one-party or two-party consent, while recording video in a covert manner cannot be done in areas where a reasonable expectation of privacy is presumed. There aren’t many specific laws in regard to GPS tracking, but the action itself might be covered by certain regulations on harassment, stalking, and invasion of privacy.

Before You Go

Should you want to inform yourself in detail about any legal issues you might encounter, we strongly suggest that you go over the aforementioned legal rundown and as we already mentioned, don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly with any doubts or uncertainties regarding the use of our products.

We sincerely hope that you now know how to make an informed decision and have all the details regarding what you can buy at a spy equipment store.

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